Day 01: Favorite KDrama


I stumbled upon this challenge through a friend who is very active on Tumblr. It actually was titled as 30 Day KDrama Challenge. But being my procrastinator self with commitment problems, I’m already admitting it now that I would not finish this in 30 Days. 😉  The challenge for me is to actually finish the whole thing! So now that we are all clear on that, let’s begin!


Favorite KDrama. Wow. I am actually at loss for words. What does favorite mean? Like versus quality? How many times I am able to rewatch it without the FF button? Favorite as in I love the story, the pacing, the OST, the cast and the ending? (believe me ending matters a lot to me) This is a very difficult question. But let’s not over think about it and be all OCD. I won’t get an C or an F for posting this… right?? I’ll just answer with the first drama that came to my mind.


My Name is Kim Samsoon. This is the one to beat, in my heart of hearts (by Girlfriday @Dramabeans).

It was touted as Korea’s answer to Bridget Jones. Heck I love Bridget Jones. But I remember when this drama first aired.. I ignored it. Then all my friends are gushing about it that I was compelled to watch it just to know what the hype is all about. So I did.

The story was fresh (back then when it first aired) and fun. Older woman who is brash, loud and not a size zero paired against a younger rich guy with a wounded past love? Bring it on! The drama has many cliches that KDramas are now well known for; a 4 way love triangle, past-loves, opposition from the either one of the parents, secondary coupling (usually by an older relative) piggyback rides from drinking and singing at a karaoke. This drama has all the recipe to great success: winning storyline, great pacing of plot, perfect cast (Daniel didn’t bother me nor Jung Ryeo Won), awesome soundtrack and great side characters (the older sister and Chef).

I picked this as my favorite KDrama for 4 reasons. One, I re-watch this drama several times already but I never push the FF button. The pacing is brisk, the characters are fun to watch, and many scenes are poignant and resonates a lot to real life. It does not make me say “logic-fail”. Nor do I headdesk myself either. Second, this was the first drama that made me want to visit Seoul badly just to explore all the places featured on it. Even though I am not an outdoor kind of girl, I wanted to hike Mt. Halla in Jeju and hike the same trail they took (Seongpanak) which is 9 hours roundtrip. Crazy but I already got my hiking boots. I wanted to stay at Rakkojae when I visit Seoul. I have a gravitational pull towards noraebangs even though we have karaoke at home. I wanted to visit Namsan Tower and ride the cable car too. I wanted to eat and drink at a pojangmacha under those little red tents. I wanted to visit the jazz bar Once in a Blue Moon.


Third reason. It’s for the drama’s memorable lists.

– this one has just got me ROFL. Each time.

No 1 Nice men…are ugly
No 2 Good looking men…are jerks
No 3 Good looking and nice men…are married
No 4 Good looking, nice and unmarried men…are useless
No 5 Good looking, nice, unmarried and rich men…are not interested in us
No 6 Good looking, nice, unmarried, rich men who are interested in us….are flirts
No 7 Good looking, nice, unmarried, rich men who are interested in us and faithful…are gay
No 8 Good looking, nice, unmarried, rich men who are interested in us and faithful and heterosexual and would not lose interest in us even if we are the one who make the first moves…these men must be crazy!


7 Things to do when you’re in a relationship.

1. Hold hands and walk down the street
2. Have a picture of her boyfriend in her cell phone
3. Drink beer and go all the way to pecan (this one I am not sure if the meaning was lost in translation)
4. Have Boyfriend  say he loves “I love <Kim Hee Jin> ” in public in front of a lot of people
5. Watch a scary movie in a cinema and make out *cue evil laugh*
6. Buy couple rings
7. Meet her family


4th (and last?) reason. This drama gave me one of my favorite quotes of all time. It has a lot of variations but you’ll get the gist of it.

Love like you’ve never been hurt before
Dance like no one is looking
Work like you don’t need the money
Sing like no one is listening
Live like today is the last day.


So there you go. My answer to Day 01 challenge.


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