Day 03: Favorite Female Lead Character


And onto to Day 03!  My pick for my Favorite Female Lead Character would be…

Shin Min-Ah’s GU MI-HO.

이선희 – 여우비


I have to agree with Girlfriday from Dramabeans. Gumiho totally trumps human! Especially if the Gumiho is as vibrant, and loveable as Mi-ho. She has super strength, runs fasts like Dash (The Incredibles) and strong sense of smell and hearing too!

I love how Mi-ho is honest and truthful when it comes to what she like and doesn’t like.  Humans are complicated that people don’t say what they mean, and do what they don’t want.. most of the time. But Mi-ho?? Oh boy.. I should take lessons from her in her pro-active way of wooing her Woong-ah. I mean how many times did we watch her gleefully enjoy her skinship with Dae-woong?! Let me remind you…


Mi-Ho sure knows how to claim her ILU and put-off potential rivals with one look.


I also have to mention Mi-ho’s life plans. Because THAT is just awesome.

1. Mate with Dae-woong (when the fox bead heals)
2. Marry Dae-woong (when the 100 days are up)
3. Have child with Dae-woong (one year later, then one every year)
4. Live a long and happy life with Dae-woong


Awwww ~ Woong-ah…

Mi-ho’s laugh-out-oud appetite for all things about meat.

And Mi-ho’s various expressions that stems from her honest and naive nature is just sooo adorable.

And finger-guns!!!!!!


To end this post.. I’ll use Girlfriday‘s wise words from her post at the 2010 Editor’s Pick for Favorite Character over at Dramabeans.



Gu Mi-ho (Shin Mina), My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho

girlfriday: I was ready to throw down on this one. **waves fists ineffectually** This category had a four-way tie, but I bullied everyone for the win. Because, HELLO, gumiho totally trumps human! Mi-ho was a revelation. Two parts Anya (centuries old being who takes everything literally) and one part newborn (wide-eyed with wonder), she brought a whole new kind of heroine to the k-drama landscape. The most impressive thing about her wasn’t even her super-strength or her ability to eat her weight in cow, but her unflinching open heart for her one and only Woong-ah. She made love look easy, and life seem precious. Best. Character. Ever. **finger guns**



Hoi-hoi everyone!



*As I am not capable of making my own screencaps, all the pics in this post are taken fromDramabeans. Thank you JB and GF!*


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