Day 04: Favorite Male Third Wheel Character


When I watch a KDrama.. I have a strong tendency to develop the Second Male Lead Syndrome. It’s when “The Other Guy” is so compelling to watch, his characterization and acting makes me so swayed to root for him to get the girl. Special mentions in this category for me would be Jung Kyung Ho’s Kang Min Gi (Time Between Dog and Wolf), Lee Seon Kyun’s Choi Han Sung (1st Shop of Coffee Prince), Bae Soo Bin’s Park Joon Sae (Brilliant Legacy) and Lim Ju Hwan’s Seo Gun Woo (Snow Queen). Since I got to pick only one…


Moon Jae-Shin. Guh-Ro. Red Messenger. YOO AH-IN.


He is hot tempered and a slacker in school. His fists fly first without thinking. He’s skilled in archery and combat. But he’s smart and poetic. He read all the books in the library. He has a wounded past with his family. But he has a soft heart for his BFF. He is the protector of the girl he loves. He’s the knight-in-shining-armor guy in Joseon Era. But he’s a rebel on a mission. Missions to bring down a faction, bring justice to criminals who killed his brother and bring change to the society.

Damn this drama (Are you really going to ask me what drama?? OK, fine. Sungkyunkwan Scandal.) for going downhill. It was good, then it got better, then it became awesome. And Guh-ro all throughout that ride was addictive and compelling to watch. *paws at screen* But it went downhill with a speed of more than 60 mph and with your car drifting 360 degrees at least 6 times before crashing to a complete stop. I think my head got bruised with all the head-desk i did watching this drama to end.

OK. Sorry for the rant. Let’s get back to THE reason why I am going to buy the DVD when YAE releases this coming summer. Enjoy the picspam.


I swear I was totally surprised when it was finally revealed that Guh-Ro is the Red Messenger. HAWT! RAWR!

Angry Jae-Shin is smokin’!!

Oh man. Jae-Shin. Sigh.

Jae-shin: You…you little…from now on, you stay in my sights at all times. Wherever you go, whatever you do, stay in my sights. Because I thought I was losing my mind.


THUMP!  *picks myself from the floor*


I’d eat breakfast with you even if it is 6pm. I’d drink with you even if it is 9am. Hell. Just sit across from me and I am full already.


Why you do look even hotter in proper school garb? Damn. Life is not fair.

More Jae-Shin.. More Guh-Ro..




*All screencaps belong to Dramabeans from the Sungkyunkwan Scandal recaps. Thank you JB and GF!*


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Melissa
    Mar 23, 2011 @ 21:37:08

    He’s my favorite second lead too!


  2. momosan
    Mar 24, 2011 @ 15:17:20

    So so cute! He was a near runner up for me. The only other close call was also Choi Han Sung – my first encounter with the Voice in Coffee Prince. 😎


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