Day 05: Favorite Female Third Wheel Character

For me, this would also mean as the Second Female Lead. The third wheel usually is “The Other Girl” in a KDrama set-up. Usually the ex-girlfriend who left and then came back after a 2 year hiatus (see My Girl and My Name is Kim Samsoon and 1st Shop of Coffee Prince). Or probably the longtime friend or girlfriend or something in between (see Brilliant Legacy and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and Sassy Girl Chunhyang). KDramas love ’em to wreak havoc and pain to our OTPs. But one character stood out for me as my “favorite” because she isn’t crazy, isn’t clingy and she ain’t no bitch either. She didn’t made our  OTP’s lives hell but actually she became their friend and helped them to be together. She is mature and independent but has fears of her own. Can you guess who?

Wee Seon-joo (Lee Hye Young’s character) from Dal Ja’s Spring.


Song of the Day

K-Jun – Hold my hand


I really need to re-watch Dal Ja’s Spring to give justice as to how I like this character. So I’ll just share what I can remember about Wee Seon-joo.

Wee Seon-joo started out as “The Other Girl” because she was also dating Se-do while he was dating naive Dal Ja behind her back. We saw her smirk her way around her staff and gets treated like a celebrity in the Home Shopping World. She has the haughty air she carries int eh way she talks and walks. She also has a classy way of talking back to people that made me dislike her first. I immediately placed her in the Bitchy Third Wheel category.


But then dynamics shifted on between episode 3 or 4 and we see her abilities despite her sassy attitude. She doesn’t falter even when confronted with tricky situations at work. She has the confidence to say what she wants and do what she wants. What makes her standout for me is that she does not depend on another guy for her happiness. Sure she knows she will be happier if Se-do will stay with her but she does not make that as an excuse to make him stay with her. She tries to let him go. She is not clingy and whiny either, which is a plus because it lets her character develop and grow and we her struggle behind that cool exterior she’ so used to having.

Her relationship with Se-do was well wrtitten that I just enjoy watching this second pairing throughout the series. The development of their relationship as both of them mature resonates to real life. It isn’t something that one could say “Only happens in KDramas”.


And I was rooting for her to get a happily ever after as well.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Melissa
    Mar 26, 2011 @ 16:28:57

    Oh I really liked her too! She was quite a cool second lead.


    • xiaosxin
      Mar 26, 2011 @ 17:46:59

      Yes different from the standard KDrama second leads right? I’m rewatching Dal Ja’s Spring now so I hope I can add more to this post later on. ^^ I’m keeping notes…ㅎㅎㅎ


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