Day 06: Favorite Song from a Kdrama OST

I have a lot of Korean Drama OST in my collection. It’s almost certain that I would love the drama if I love the soundtrack and sometimes it is also vice versa. A perfect soundtrack completes the deal for me. It sometimes makes or break the decision making process for me if I would love a drama or movie.

Choosing my favorite song was easy. It is a song I chose because hearing the song always makes me think back to my favorite scenes of the drama. I love how the melody and song suits the scene perfectly that I can’t forget it. That particular song captured my heart while watching the scene.. Awwww ~ you bet I had hearts in my eyes.

My favorite song from a KDrama OST would be …


Perhaps Love by Howl and J



Damn. This drama is so flawed, I can’t watch it now without cringing from the acting and pushing the FF button like mad when it dragged painfully slow, but I can’t let it go. This drama will always remain have a soft spot in my heart.

And this is one of the 2 scenes that made me love this song a lot. (Can you guess what scenes are they? Hint: Blog pic, and both my Soompi and Twitter profile pics) It’s my number 1 most played song in my iTunes for 5 years now.



This one too… in Myeong-dong. ❤



Here are the lyrics…

I don’t know when it all started
When my head became dizzy with thoughts of you

These thoughts would often pop up in my mind
I feel anxious as my heart expands towards you

It’s nothing.. it’s just a little thing
Your words are awkward to me

Is it love? If you feel the same way, is it a beginning?
My heart keeps saying it loves you
It screams out for the whole world to hear
Why has it taken so long for me to hear it~?
We’ve finally met.. finally found love

If I wanted to show you how I feel
The only way would be for you to become me

I’m already inside of you
Just like you’re inside of me

To each other [to each other]
We may already be too accustomed

Repeat Chorus

When I think about it [when I think about it]
I realize how many moments there were when my heart trembled
I’ll try as harder as I was late in realizing my feelings

I’ll be with you, I’ll only give you fond memories
Please don’t ever leave me again
Even the shortest moments without you make me uneasy
Please stay by me…

I already love you so much (you’re the only one)


Here is the Live Version of the song sang by Howl and J

Ok. So there you are.. I just shared with you my madness on Princess Hours. I hope Joo Ji Hoon comes back from the army soon and Yoon Eun Hye have another drama project!

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