Day 07: Favorite Lines by a Male Lead Character

Kang Tae Bong has one of the best lines and dialogues EVER in a KDrama.


It seems like every episode has a significant line that I just either swoon and sigh from his gloriousness. This particular one is from Episode 14,  the day after Valentine’s Day and also Tae Bong’s birthday. Dal Ja prepared a special dinner to celebrate Tae Bongs’s birthday even if it is late. She dressed up nicely, and cooked for him too. And this is the convo between them that follows…

Tae Bong: I told you, don’t overwork yourself because of me.

DJ: What?

Tae Bong: I don’t care if you are in jeans or sweats, I still like you. I don’t care if you didn’t wash your face, I’ll still like you. I don’t need all this. I would like it if we just ate ramen. After you got off work you went to the hospital, to the market, and came home to get all this food ready. I thank you for doing this. But if it means you are overworking yourself, I don’t like it at all.

DJ: But still, it’s your birthday.

Tae Bong: I already got my present. What else do I need?

DJ: Still, it’s the first time we’re spending your birthday together. I wanted it to be special so we can remember it.

Tae Bong: It is good enough for me if we are together. What about you? It’s not enough? You don’t have to act like a superwoman in front of me. I like you just as you are. I like when we are this close. *Tae Bong takes step closer to DJ and kisses her cheek* We can kiss and I can hug you tight *Tae Bong hugs DJ* That is all I need to be happy.

DJ: So your saying.. You don’t need to strain yourself for love.


Now if you didn’t sigh and say “Awwwww ~” watching that scene.. your love for Tae Bong is highly doubtful.

Dal Ja and Tae Bong are just sooo cute together…


Close second for the favorite line will be by Gong Yoo from 1st Shop of Coffee Prince. The infamous Episode 10.

Choi Han Gyul:  “I don’t care whether you are a man or an alien anymore. It’s too darn hard to get over you, so let’s just get through with this.”

One word. Damn.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Melissa
    Mar 28, 2011 @ 20:31:50

    gahhhhh he’s TOO perfect
    makes my standards in men really high lol


    • xiaosxin
      Mar 29, 2011 @ 20:36:11

      Tae Bong is perfect in the way that he is a prince charming but not really, and that he has flaws underneath his confidence and cool exterior, and that he is energetic and full of life despite tragedy from his past.


  2. endodo
    Mar 30, 2011 @ 23:54:48

    I need to watch Dalja’s Spring. If only I had the time. It’s been on my to-watch list for months now! As with Soulmate, Bad Family….etc.


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