Spring with Raspberry Field


Song of the Day

토요일 오후에 (Joon Seon’s Version)  


I forgot how I learned about this pair of talented duo around summer time last year. I love their music and it makes me want to listen to it during the rainy days. However.. since Spring is almost here. I think their music is suited for the lively colors of the flowers and trees during this season. It makes you feel sunny and warm and puts a smile on your face.

They have 2  Single Albums out. So far, I enjoyed listening to their songs.

라즈베리 필드 싱글앨범 – 토요일 오후에

01. 토요일 오후에  
02. 3月 (feat 조규찬)  
03. Wanna Be Loved 
04. 토요일 오후에 (instrumental)

라즈베리필드 싱글앨범 2집 – 본 적 있나요?
01. 본 적 있나요…? (Have You Seen?)
02. 호밀밭의 파수꾼 (Piano feat.강민국)
03. Perfect Reason (2008 Demo ver.)
04. 본 적 있나요…? (Have You Seen?) Inst.


I wish I can watch their gig when I go to Korea… someday. I wish it would be this May, but that seems up in the air for now.

Soy also sang this song 토요일 오후에 in English, titled “Saturday Afternoon”. This song is included in their 2nd Single Album.



라즈베리필드 (Raspberry Field)

Site: http://raspberryfield.co.kr

Twitter Accounts: http://twitter.com/soy_alice ; http://twitter.com/Withzu


장준선Jang Joon Seon (Guitar)

소이 Soy (Vocal & Guitar) – I think she’s an actress too because I think she looks like the bitchy new band member that replaced Ah Reum in the drama “I am Legend”


I love their song “I want to know you”. The melody is simple and the lyrics are beautiful. Listening to this song gives different emotions. Happy, sad, nostalgic, thankful, hopeful. This MV was apparently shot in Chicago.



What music will you listen to during this Spring season?


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kender
    Mar 29, 2011 @ 00:13:59

    Random, but I’m about 80% sure Soy is the same Soy I saw in Chicago a few years back, at the same concert where I saw Brian Joo. She was really good, I wish I’d gotten copies of the videos my friend took. 😦


    • xiaosxin
      Mar 29, 2011 @ 20:29:32

      Oh wow its rare for Kpop artists to be in Chicago. They mostly visit, LA, NYC and Hawaii for their shows. Lucky!! Hopefully in Korea we get to watch Indie bands like Standing Egg!


  2. Tom Righter
    Mar 29, 2011 @ 06:19:43

    She was in fact good quality; I aspiration I’d gotten copy of the tape my companion take. Thanks!


  3. soshipinkworld
    Aug 18, 2012 @ 04:44:54

    where i can download their song?


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