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Rumble Fish –  I’ll Love You Till My Last Day

There is really no purpose to this post other than me wanting to post something ANYTHING about this guy. March has already gone and past, and the Drama Gods still did not gave me a single episode of What’s Up. May is fast coming around with a whole slew of dramas, and a couple of them promising to be the crack drama of the year for me. I am sad to think that What’s Up may probably be shelved for a little while longer.

So while I am waiting, I want to share some of these while waiting for that glorious day to come.



Drama “What’s Up” (왓츠업) [ShowBiz Extra]



A Fanmade MV for 왓츠업 – basically it’s the teaser video edited differently with a different music score



And I am not kidding when I say I have watched this one and only official teaser of 왓츠업 more than 30 times. Really. I play this even when I am driving. I have it on my iPod.



A subbed version can be found here  http://www.viki.com/channels/898-whats-up/videos/20312-what-s-up-zero-plus-1st-trailer


Some old videos of featuring Lim Ju Hwan. How I wish somebody would be an angel and translate these…. *wistful*




I literally swooned when Lim  Ju Hwan moved to put his arm at Seo Woo’s shoulder, then retrieves his arm immediately. I mean.. WHAT WAS THAT?! Darn.. I wish my Fairy Godmother will appear and give me a wisdom and enlightenment.



That’s it! (for now…)


임주환 화이팅!




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  1. trinh(from Vietnam)
    Aug 07, 2011 @ 08:01:42

    anyone know exactly where does LIM JU HWAN live please mail 4 me : rockkid2910@yahoo.com.vn


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