Day 11: Favorite Dialogue




My Girl was one of my first KDrama rom-coms. Or to be precise, one of my first crack drama. Ah.. those were the days when everything is “new” and “fresh”. This is one of the Hong Sisters drama that I like too.

My favorite dialogue was from episode 16 of My Girl. This conversation took place separately with Yoo Rin talking with Sae Hyun, and Gong Chan talking with Jung Woo.


YR: Seol Gong Chan knows everything is a lie.
GC: Ju Yoo Rin knows I don’t believe any of it.
YR: I was a real liar but since I started loving him, I couldn’t lie anymore.
GC: I’ve never lied but since I started loving her, I kept lying.
YR: The more truthful I was about my love, the more miserable he grew.
GC: I approached her as I couldn’t lie anymore, but that just hurt her.
YR: I’m going to protect him with my lies.
GC: I’ll treat it as being lied to and stop giving her anymore pains.
YR: My love is not a lie





I wish Lee Dong Wook be back soon!!








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