Day 12: Favorite Story

There’s a lot of stories and plots used in a KDrama that I am such a sucker for. It does not mean that the drama would be especially my favorite, or I think it was the best drama, or has the best script. It is just the story that I enjoy to watch. Special mentions are Princess Hours – I love the plot of modern day Korea with constitutional monarchy. It’s a Cinderella story with a real prince – at least in the KDrama-verse. The presidential daughter in love with a common public servant – cop.. is also something I enjoy watching (Lovers in Prague).

My favorite story would be ..


2 Outs, Bottom of 9th Inning

Song of the Day

Ji Ho – 보이나요?

I am a rom-com girl at heart but best friend rom-coms just makes my heart flutter faster. The living together in one house? Icing on the cake! The close-proximity set-up in this drama sets the whole BFF relationship upside down because you may know one person most of your life, but it will not beat knowing them after living with them in the same house.

Su Ae and Lee Jung Jin just oozes with chemistry together as best buddies and of course as the OTP.

At the end of the day.. you have your best buddy with you to drink the night away.




*Thank you to Girlfriday over at Dramabeans for her recaps pictures!*


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. momosan
    Apr 07, 2011 @ 18:01:24

    oooh, good choice. That’s a good one.


  2. germaineora
    Sep 19, 2011 @ 00:42:35

    this is where I discovered Lee Jung Jin.. sooo handsome and oozing with sex appeal….


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