Day 13: Favorite “I Love You”

Hands-down. This is THE “I Love You” to beat. Perfect in delivery, acting, dialogue, music score. Everything.

Hint: This song was the background score.

Song of the Day

Cuckoo Land – Coffee Is  

Choi Han Gyul: 너보다, 내가 더 사랑해

And I just died.

You can listen to the dialogue here. I cannot find a video so this will suffice.

This is a direct quote from the recaps of Javabeans. To read the whole recap of the episode, you can enjoy the rest over at Dramabeans. Thank you for the wonderful screencaps!

End of Episode Twelve of 1st Shop of Coffee Prince

Eun Chan and Han Gyul talk on the phone, and he wonders why she’s so interested in Han Sung’s business. He tells her Han Sung had liked her — and she, remembering Han Sung’s caution, pretends not to know: “No, that can’t be.” He asks if she’d had feelings for him, and she admits that at first, she did like Han Sung, but then she started liking Han Gyul more.

Han Gyul pretends to be miffed, asking why she picked him over his cousin, who’s nicer and warmer: “Be honest. You like both of us, right?” Eun Chan takes his teasing for real and insists, “Han Sung is just a nice ajusshi, and you — I don’t really know the reason, but I just… like you.”

Han Gyul enjoys her reaction while carrying on his mock indignation, telling her he’s still upset: “My anger just won’t go away.” Left with nothing else to say, Eun Chan says, almost defiantly: “I love you. I love you! I really love you!”

That catches Han Gyul totally off guard, and in an instant, he goes from playfully happy to completely stunned. His legs give out and he sinks down on the couch, catching his breath.

He covers, accusing her (in bluster) of playing with words and being a smooth talker:

“Hey, you jerk! You could’ve said so openly, comfortably, and we could’ve been insanely happy together. Why didn’t you tell me, and put me through all that suffering? Bad Go Eun Chan! You punk!”

Eun Chan smiles in relief, and then he tells her sternly, gruffly:

“Listen to me carefully. I love you more.”

Both are stunned at their mutual admissions — you can almost feel their visceral reactions to their words — and then, overcome with giddy happiness. Eun Chan jumps around her room, yelling, “He says he loves me! He loves me!”

The rush. The pounding of your heart. Yes. That is love.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Melissa
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 19:53:43

    I’m rewatching this drama right now! The first time I saw it was about 2 years ago. It was one of my first k-dramas. Maybe it was the first…I can’t really remember lol.
    Was this scene before or after he found out she was not a boy?


    • xiaosxin
      Apr 19, 2011 @ 20:19:08

      This scene was after Han Gyul found out Eun Chan is a girl. Enjoy Coffee Prince! It is one of my favorites! ❤


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