Summer is here!

Song of the Day

As One – Drive

Clear blue skies, warm beach sand, sunblock scent. Hats, sunglasses and flip-flops. Roadtrip by the coastline, camping at the lake or maybe a cruise to the islands? What will summer bring us this year?

For me it will be KOREA!!! Well at the end of the summer.. but anyways it still counts!! I’ll be spending 3 weeks in Korea this summer and I am excited! I am preparing myself for the mental and physical stress that I will experience as I do not know how to speak the language, I will be in a foreign country alone, and I will for sure be lost not only once or twice, but most likely everyday! Despite of it all, these things would not stop me from boarding that plane in August.

I will be joining my twitter pals on the last leg of their Korea trip going to Jeju Island and (possibly) Busan. Exciting! The only things I know about these places are from KDramas so being able to explore these cities for real gives me tingles and butterflies in my stomach. I have on my itinerary as well to be free on at least one Monday night to attend a meetup with the cool people from Language Cast and meet the people behind Talk To Me In Korean! Everything else in between is still murky. Researching on itineraries, accommodations and possibly joining an organized tour (this will be my last resort) pretty much occupied my time since I got the approval of vacation from my manager at work.

What adventures/misadventures await for me in Korea? Will I be able to navigate my way through Seoul? Will I be able to talk and mingle with the locals? (this will be hard as I tend to be shy around strangers.. meaning I ignore them! LOL) Will I meet friends during my trip? How many times will I get lost? (I’m scared believe me..) Will I be able to travel outside of Seoul?!

I don’t have the answers right now but I can’t wait to find out!

At least these guys know how to rock any city they travel to… effortlessly. (Warning: major SuJu picspam below)

Super Junior in Italy!

Italy has never been so inviting…


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