Heechul’s farewell gift to fans

Song of the Day

김장훈 feat. 김희철 – 이별 참 나답다


It’s been a month now since Kim Hee Chul enlisted for his mandatory 2 year military service. I just recently discovered that he recorded a song with Kim Jang Hoon and also shot the music video the day/days (?) before his military enlistment. Kim Jang Hoon is a veteran rock-ballad singer who has released numerous albums. One of the most popular was the Vol 4 1998 BALLADS FOR TEARS. This collaboration with Kim Hee Chul is most likely for his 12th album. The song is called “Breakups are so like me”. Check out the MV below.



The music video is more like a ‘behind-the-scenes’ footage of the recording, which I am not really fond of, generally speaking. But to tell you the truth, I’ve watched the MV several times already today. You can also see in the video probably a real footage when Heechul shaved his hair in preparation for his enlistment. I am drawing these conclusions based on Heechul’s tweets before he enlisted last September 1, 2011.

Aug 31

장발 & 삭발. 나 근데 춘자누나 닮았음ㅇ0ㅇ

Aug 31
김희철 김장훈 Deut. 장훈형이 내게 20대의 마지막 선물을 줬습니다


Lyrics to the song “Breakups are so like me”

Kim Jang Hoon, Super Junior’s Kim Hee Chul
Collaboration to all my broken hearts
This is an “Age 12 And Over” project ye hear me- let’s bring on

I want to hold onto you
But eventually, I let you go
Hahahaha I will laugh
Hahahaha I will laugh as I let you go

Even if I say sorry sorry sorry sorry to you
I have a simple simple simple simple simple love
My love has stopped- I need to fight this alone tonight
Even if I’m lonely, I won’t make it noticeable

* Love is leaving me- I forcefully try to laugh
I want to let you go composedly
But I loved you more than life
You are so cool about this and I’m always clinging onto you
Breakups are so like me

I endured through this with pride alone
Though I begged, you still left
Hahahaha I will laugh
Hahahaha I will laugh as I let you go

Even if I worry worry worry worry inside
We will break it break it break it break it break it love
On the day you left, I cried all night
But in front of you, I hold it in

* repeat

People with a lot of anger
People who went through separation
People who are hard-hearted
Everyone, let us laugh

* repeat


Another video of the song but with Hangul, romanization, English and French translation!


Hee Chul’s absence in Super Junior is surely felt by fans everywhere but I’m proud he is out there serving his country. See you in 2 years!



Eagle-eyed ELFs and their super high speed cameras spotted Hee Chul yesterday at Inkigayo!

I miss Heenim.

너무 보고싶어요. 몸이 조심하고 아프지마요.
사랑해요 김희철 우유빛깔 김희철!!!!!!!!



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