Weekend in The City

Song of the Day

Super Junior 슈퍼주니어 – Miracle  (Live, Rearranged version)  

I had one of the most incredible weekend I will always remember. I spent the weekend with awesome friends that showed me their city, met interesting people who share common interests with me, be a part of a roaring crowd that proudly express their fandoms and watch for the first time a live performance of my favorite KPop idol. Sometimes I think, I’m too old for this fandom and fangirl activities but I only get to live once, so I don’t want to do things halfway. When will I ever get to be a part of this again? With that in mind, I immersed myself into the fandom frenzy while still enjoying being in New York City in its most beautiful weather of the year, Autumn!


I booked this trip to New York City, the day I arrived from my Korea – Japan trip last September. Crazy eh? Yeah, my parents think so as well, though no words have been said. Anyway, I knew I wouldn’t pass the opportunity to watch Super Junior if ever they cross the Pacific. So while I was in Japan, my friend already got me my tickets for the SMTown concert!

Our hotel was near Madison Square Garden so we got our first glimpse of the venue when we arrived!

Dinner was at a Turkish restaurant in 34th street called Ali Baba Turkish Cuisine. It’s one of those little restaurants that I would have passed by, but I’m lucky my friend recommended it and it was delicious! Little gem, indeed. Can’t really remember the exact name of what we ate but, their homemade bread was really good and was a perfect combination to the appetizer plate we ordered that has some hummus, spinach, eggplant and other very good stuff.

I have never liked lamb, so I was really surprised I loved this one! Can’t remember again what it is called in Turkish but it’s like lamb meatballs, grilled to perfection! YUM!

Then a trip to Korea Town for some dessert is just what we needed! Red Mango. It’s the Korean version of Yogurtland.

We headed out to The Third Floor Cafe where we drank Soju with lychee!! Or was it pear? Hmm… how come I can’t remember? Whatever, they have very cute bartenders and apparently their food is good too. I’ll definitely would want to visit next time during the day.

Walked around Flatiron District searching for lightsticks that we will use to flail around the concert.

Then we saw a nearby street market! Woohoo ~ bargain shopping! But the thing is, I’m not really good at haggling prices….

Colombian food. Pancake-like batter filled with sweet corn and mozarella.

Craving for something sweet? They have chocolate dipped strawberries, apples and bananas too. And Funnel cakes as well.

Seeing a Paris Baguette shop makes me think I’m back in Korea.

Time Square!!

We were walking in the middle of Times Square on a mission to walk by The W Hotel for a chance to see Super Junior. But being tourists that we are, we got distracted by the lights on Times Square especially when a Girl’s Generation MV was on one of the giant screens! Of course, we were hoping for a Super Junior one to come up next. But after a while, we gave up but one of our friends screamed and my immediate reaction was to look up at the giant screens. But no, I saw her a second later running towards a double decker bus stopped on a red light. Some of the SME artists were onboard filming. Cue fans screams and more running. I definitely saw Kyu Hyun, Zhoumin, DongHae, & RyeoWook from Super Junior along with Changmin and YunHo of DBSK.

Celebrating our successful day, we went back (again) to Korea Town for some more yummy food!

More food and drinks to celebrate! Makgeolli!

I say fanboys are so cute!! If you can’t tell from the amount of pink, they are Girl’s Generation fans we met in Korea Town.

Riding the subway in New York. Is it weird that I miss the subway in Korea?

Serendipity 3!! I love this quaint little restaurant. Famous for desserts, like their frozen hot chocolate, and for the location of that movie.. Serendipity!

Magnolia Bakery in Bloomingdale’s. Apparently this bakery shop is famous because of the Sex and The City connection. I have never watched that show but the shop looks lovely and the cupcakes looks good. We ate them while sitting by the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park.

Wollman Rink in Central Park

The Mall in Central Park leading all the way to the Bethesda Fountain.

Finally.. tonight is the night! SMTown Live in New York City! I think Madison Square Garden was pretty full that night. We saw the ad at the front of the MSG that the concert was sold out. It looks pretty full to me, probably 90%.

Just look at the Sapphire Blue ocean that filled Madison Square Garden. Many ELFs came to support Super Junior!

One of my favorite performances of the night is Super Junior’s “U”.


After the concert, we decided we wanted to eat and sing our hearts out by going to a 노래방. And we should have expected it, but of course, the SME artists and staff were also in Korea Town! The power of twitter and my other well informed friends gave us their location. We saw their bus parked on the street in front of a restaurant, with lots of fans waiting and security.

A lot of fanboys were there holding up gifts and posters for Girls Generation. We saw BoA, Tiffany, Amber, Zhoumi, Henry, YunHo, Changmin, Kangta, SeoHyun, SooYoung, Jessica, Luna, YoonA, and some Shinee boys. Over 2 hours of waiting, the moment when Yesung, KyuHyun, Sungmin and DongHae came out, I was at the side by the very back because I got pushed and shoved by the other fans.

Luna is all smiles even at 2am!


Super Junior coming out of the restaurant


These are official photos from the facebook page of SMTown. Lots of fans came from all over the country!

H.O.T. – Hope (Finale song used in the SMTown concerts) 


All of the SME artists looked like they also had the time of their lives.

So that’s how I spent my weekend in New York City. Great food, beautiful city, good music and meeting fantastic people. Thank you to Suong, soluna, nycgrl, kaedejun, and the wonderful ELFs from tumblr that I met (all of your handles are too long for me to mention here 😉 ) for making this trip memorable. Thank you New York!




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