Now it’s our time: What’s Up Episode 1

Indeed. After over a year of ups and down, I think almost everybody lost hope that this drama will make it to broadcast. Penned by Song Ji Nah, who is known for writing dramas such as Eyes of Dawn, Sandglass, and Story of a Man. She also wrote KAIST, which served as a launching pad to some of the Korea’s most popular actors like Chae Rim, Lee Eun Jo, Kim Joo Hyuk, Jo Hyun Jae, and Park Jin Hee. I am recapping this drama purely because of Lim Ju Hwan and I want to use the hundred or so screenshots I have currently on my hard drive.

Oh and just so it’s all laid out there, this is my first recap of any drama. Ever. (Warning: Lots of picspam below.)

Song of the Day

Always – Big Bang





Song of the Day

Falling Slowly – Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova 

There are some things that only comes once in a lifetime. Blessed are those people who recognize it when it’s right in front of them. Lucky are those people who find it for the second time because some people just let it pass them by without noticing it, and kept searching for it all their life.


Music Spotlight #1: The Corrs

The Corrs.

I’ve loved the music of this Irish band, The Corrs, since I was in grade school. The 4 member band of siblings; Andrea (main vocal/tin whistle), Sharon (violin/vocals), Caroline (drums, piano, bodhran, vocals) and Jim (guitar, piano, keyboard, vocals) were amazing, beautiful and equally talented.  I love their music and style, and especially love their album “Talk on Corners” and pretty much was one the staple playlist of my early adolescent years. It makes me sad that they are not performing as a group anymore since they all moved on with life with their respective families. I love their unplugged performances that were mostly featured on MTV. This song in particular, Runaway, is one of my favorites. I wish I could have gone to their concert, even just once. 😦


I’ve been feeling kind of under the weather lately and somehow, listening to their music soothes me. Brings back old memories of when I was younger, more carefree and oblivious to the real world. Nostalgic?


Simple memories.


Song of the Day

Fanny Fink – Lucia


Ju Hwan’s vacation update!


Song of the Day

Super Junior – All my Heart


Lim Ju Hwan’s military leave ended November 1. He tweeted a short goodbye message to his fans saying he will come back and for everyone to be healthy. It seemed that he had a good vacation which I am thankful for. He went out and visited his friends too. He looked skinnier but not ghastly looking. His face is still small, cheeks a little thinner. His hair is longer as compared when he enlisted to the army, but  still a buzz cut. How do I describe it, his hair is still short from the sides of the ear down to the back of neck, but his hair is longer at the top, and more pointy towards the center. Ah! It resembles the shape of the hair of Kazuma Kuwabara of YuYu Hakusho or of Hanamichi Sakuragi of Slam Dunk. Short of the sides but a bit longer on the center top, kinda pointy. But Lim Ju Hwan is still short by regular standards.  I was prepared to see him thin and bones, but thankfully he’s not. He actually looks good. (Then again, I am biased 😉 )  ACK! Sorry for my poor description! I would post the photo here, but it’s private.

Anyways, I hope Lim Ju Hwan fans will be happy to know this little tidbit of news about him. Until his discharge date on 2013. We will be waiting.

Beautiful Seoul Project


Beautiful Seoul Project – Seoul Time Lapse 2011 by Oh Choong Young.

Wow. Just wow.


I can recognize some of the places, buildings, neighborhoods and landmarks shown in the video and it makes me smile with pleasure. I just got back from Korea last summer and I am already planning my next trip back sometime next year. I love the buzzing people, the unique culture, the laid back countryside, its gorgeous islands, and the beautiful language. I want to see more of the country, visit temples, mingle and drink with the locals, trek a mountain or two. I’m glad I stumbled upon this incredible video. It gives me a glimpse of the place I most likely will name one of my favorite places on earth. Truly, after watching this video, I have to ask myself: “How could I be so fascinated by this country so much?”

I still don’t have the answer, but I’m more than willing to find out.



Weekend in The City

Song of the Day

Super Junior 슈퍼주니어 – Miracle  (Live, Rearranged version)  

I had one of the most incredible weekend I will always remember. I spent the weekend with awesome friends that showed me their city, met interesting people who share common interests with me, be a part of a roaring crowd that proudly express their fandoms and watch for the first time a live performance of my favorite KPop idol. Sometimes I think, I’m too old for this fandom and fangirl activities but I only get to live once, so I don’t want to do things halfway. When will I ever get to be a part of this again? With that in mind, I immersed myself into the fandom frenzy while still enjoying being in New York City in its most beautiful weather of the year, Autumn!


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