Day 14: Favorite Kiss


After more than a month of hiatus, I am back with Day 14 of the KDrama Challenge.

Song of the Day

Sixpence None the Richer – Kiss Me 


I’ve watched my fair share of KDrama kisses. Some are pathetic enough to be called a kiss (Full House, DGCH). Some are poignant (Coffee House and M3) while some are heart-pounding and swoon-worthy (City Hall, Iris). So which kiss captures me heart and makes me tingle all over even though I watch it over and over and over again?



Day 13: Favorite “I Love You”

Hands-down. This is THE “I Love You” to beat. Perfect in delivery, acting, dialogue, music score. Everything.

Hint: This song was the background score.

Song of the Day

Cuckoo Land – Coffee Is  


Day 12: Favorite Story

There’s a lot of stories and plots used in a KDrama that I am such a sucker for. It does not mean that the drama would be especially my favorite, or I think it was the best drama, or has the best script. It is just the story that I enjoy to watch. Special mentions are Princess Hours – I love the plot of modern day Korea with constitutional monarchy. It’s a Cinderella story with a real prince – at least in the KDrama-verse. The presidential daughter in love with a common public servant – cop.. is also something I enjoy watching (Lovers in Prague).

My favorite story would be ..


Day 11: Favorite Dialogue




Day 10: Favorite Lines by a Female Third Wheel



Dalja: How can you tell if it’s love or not? You can’t say it’s love just because your heart races. You can’t say it’s love just because you miss him. And no person is there who draws a line and says, “Okay, this is where love starts.” How can you say if it is love or not?

Sunjoo: Because of that person, does your heart flutter and feel happy? Because of that person, do you feel hurt? Because of that person does your heart feel very lonely? If it is, then, it already started.


Day 09: Favorite Line by a Male Third Wheel


Day 08: Favorite Lines by a Female Lead Character

WHOA ~ this was hard. I racked my brains for my favorite lines by a lead female character. In the end, this had got to be a three way tie between Samsoon, Dal Ja and EunChan. I’ll edit this post as soon as I reach a conclusion, but in the meantime I just want to move on with the Challenge.


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