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I have always dreamed of visiting a lot of beautiful places. I can’t say if I have that traveler spirit in me.. because my personality requires me to plan everything ahead. I tend to be spontaneous at times, but I can’t not completely venture out into the unknown on my own. YET.

Most of the cities I would love to visit will have a famous landmarks or two. Or probably several. I have a particular penchant for night lights, fireworks, and high altitude. A lot of them will be “overrated” by other people’s standards but I want to see most of the touristy spots. I want to explore the road less traveled too if I have a travel buddy but since I have these cities in mind with me traveling solo, I want to stick with the basics.

Most of all, I am easily influenced by a book, movie or drama that I have watched for my choices in what is a “must-see” for me. So just to be clear.. these are MY must-see places, not Lonely Planet’s.  Albeit a partial-one.. because a comprehensive list would be much.. much longer. 😉



HONG KONG!! I’ve been to this wonderful city when I was 12. Sure I remember it being beautiful.. but I definitely want to go back still. I wonder how I would see this city now that I am older?



I have this wanderlust in me to travel to South Korea, mostly because of the KDramas that I watch. I think South Korea is the only country in my list that makes me want to see ALL of it. Not just the capital, Seoul. And if I write it down on a planned itinerary.. I’ll probably take at least a month or two to see the beauty of this country.

There are so many places I want to be visit in Seoul alone, that it will be better if I do a separate post on that. 😉



One of my dream was to go backpacking through Europe.. but as I mentioned already, I tend to find solace and security with things planned ahead so I’m settling for a trip to Europe via EuroRail. In theory, of course. And what better timing to visit Europe than during the Olympics in London! I know it is going to be very busy with a lot of tourists and Olympic delegates but it is a once in a lifetime event, so why not take advantage! If I have the chance to attend the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012, I’ll take it!


London 2012

Of course, after the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics, I intend to tour London!!

First stop… The London Eye!! I have a tendency to gravitate towards ferris wheels. Is it because I find it magical, romantic and beautiful?? Maybe..



Then of course I have to take the elevator on top of Eiffel Tower in Paris!! I love being in high places especially during at night.. I feel like away from reality and gives me the illusion of my worries being miniscule.



Rome!!! So many beautiful architecture to explore.. and take pictures of course!



Of course I wouldn’t leave Italy without a visit to Venice… and take a ride with those little gondolas along the canal. I’ve rode one of those at The Venetian in Las Vegas.. but still, there is a big difference, right??



Barcelona, Spain!! Confession: Barcelona always reminds me of Meteor Garden 2. As bad as it was..I have a soft spot for it. My first ever crack drama. Closet Meteor Garden addict.



Prague!! I am excited to visit this city because I feel like the city just jumped out of a fairytale book and  I LOVE FAIRYTALES. It always ends up with “happily ever after”.



Rio de Janeiro is the only city in South America that really holds interest to me because of The Christ Redeemer Statue. Of course there are a lot of great cities/places to visit in South America, like Manchu Picchu, Buenos Aires, and Iguassu Falls. I just have to research more for now.



Did I ever mention I want to come back to Hong Kong!!! The Symphony of Lights!! Did I ever also mention I am a sucker for pretty lights at night??



Macau!! I won’t miss visiting Cologne Village for this. Chapel of St. Francis Xavier. I’ll eat Lord Stow’s decadent egg tarts ala Chae Gyung and Shin. Have you ever watched Andy Lau’s movie ‘Look for a Star’? Full of cliches, but has gorgeous scenery of Macau. And here in Macau I will make the highest leap I will ever make in my entire life… Sky Jump atop Macau Tower!!



Great Wall of China in Beijing is a must visit for me. Even if I don’t hike.. I must see this spectacular infrastructure in person.



Spring is the best time to visit Japan to see the majestic Mt. Fuji with its beautiful Cherry Blossoms. I would love love love to see this.



Of course… I wouldn’t miss riding the cable car going up to Mt. Namsan in Seoul. It’s almost like a religious rite I must do.


Well.. there you go. My travel dreams in a nut-shell. I very big nut-shell.


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  1. soluna413
    Mar 19, 2011 @ 23:01:13

    There’s a Christ the Redeemer statue in Cochabamba, Bolivia too. I feel honored that I got to see it 3 times. ❤


    • xiaosxin
      Mar 20, 2011 @ 20:44:18

      You did?! Wow.. you are lucky!! I wish I can travel more.. most of my travel just occur from the endless travel books I buy and read. T.T


    • pretyt
      Nov 15, 2012 @ 03:21:45



  2. Autumn Rain
    Oct 13, 2011 @ 09:25:35

    Wao, so great!


  3. Alaine Gholston
    Oct 15, 2011 @ 05:45:37

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