Day 10: Favorite Lines by a Female Third Wheel



Dalja: How can you tell if it’s love or not? You can’t say it’s love just because your heart races. You can’t say it’s love just because you miss him. And no person is there who draws a line and says, “Okay, this is where love starts.” How can you say if it is love or not?

Sunjoo: Because of that person, does your heart flutter and feel happy? Because of that person, do you feel hurt? Because of that person does your heart feel very lonely? If it is, then, it already started.



Day 08: Favorite Lines by a Female Lead Character

WHOA ~ this was hard. I racked my brains for my favorite lines by a lead female character. In the end, this had got to be a three way tie between Samsoon, Dal Ja and EunChan. I’ll edit this post as soon as I reach a conclusion, but in the meantime I just want to move on with the Challenge.


Day 07: Favorite Lines by a Male Lead Character

Kang Tae Bong has one of the best lines and dialogues EVER in a KDrama.


Day 05: Favorite Female Third Wheel Character

For me, this would also mean as the Second Female Lead. The third wheel usually is “The Other Girl” in a KDrama set-up. Usually the ex-girlfriend who left and then came back after a 2 year hiatus (see My Girl and My Name is Kim Samsoon and 1st Shop of Coffee Prince). Or probably the longtime friend or girlfriend or something in between (see Brilliant Legacy and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and Sassy Girl Chunhyang). KDramas love ’em to wreak havoc and pain to our OTPs. But one character stood out for me as my “favorite” because she isn’t crazy, isn’t clingy and she ain’t no bitch either. She didn’t made our  OTP’s lives hell but actually she became their friend and helped them to be together. She is mature and independent but has fears of her own. Can you guess who?