Now it’s our time: What’s Up Episode 1

Indeed. After over a year of ups and down, I think almost everybody lost hope that this drama will make it to broadcast. Penned by Song Ji Nah, who is known for writing dramas such as Eyes of Dawn, Sandglass, and Story of a Man. She also wrote KAIST, which served as a launching pad to some of the Korea’s most popular actors like Chae Rim, Lee Eun Jo, Kim Joo Hyuk, Jo Hyun Jae, and Park Jin Hee. I am recapping this drama purely because of Lim Ju Hwan and I want to use the hundred or so screenshots I have currently on my hard drive.

Oh and just so it’s all laid out there, this is my first recap of any drama. Ever. (Warning: Lots of picspam below.)

Song of the Day

Always – Big Bang