Ju Hwan’s vacation update!


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Lim Ju Hwan’s military leave ended November 1. He tweeted a short goodbye message to his fans saying he will come back and for everyone to be healthy. It seemed that he had a good vacation which I am thankful for. He went out and visited his friends too. He looked skinnier but not ghastly looking. His face is still small, cheeks a little thinner. His hair is longer as compared when he enlisted to the army, but  still a buzz cut. How do I describe it, his hair is still short from the sides of the ear down to the back of neck, but his hair is longer at the top, and more pointy towards the center. Ah! It resembles the shape of the hair of Kazuma Kuwabara of YuYu Hakusho or of Hanamichi Sakuragi of Slam Dunk. Short of the sides but a bit longer on the center top, kinda pointy. But Lim Ju Hwan is still short by regular standards.  I was prepared to see him thin and bones, but thankfully he’s not. He actually looks good. (Then again, I am biased 😉 )  ACK! Sorry for my poor description! I would post the photo here, but it’s private.

Anyways, I hope Lim Ju Hwan fans will be happy to know this little tidbit of news about him. Until his discharge date on 2013. We will be waiting.


He’s on vacation!

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He tweeted today that he is on leave from the military! He will be on break for 4 nights and 5 days until the 1st of November! I’m so excited that he can rest and relax at home and be surrounded by his family. I hope he has time to hang out with his friends too! (please please please let him see his friends during this short vacation) But if not, all is well since he’s back, even just for a short time!

Let us give him love and encouraging words during this time!!

Lim Ju Hwan, fighting!!

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Smile, Lim Ju Hwan!

I don’t even know when was this picture taken, but it was uploaded August 27 on facebook by one of his fans. His hair is still short, but I think it’s a tad longer than it was when he first enlisted back in May (see here). I think I’m also trying to convince myself that.


There’s always room for hope, right Soluna? 🙂 Or in my case delusion? Haha. Whatever.



Cr: Lim Ju Hwan Facebook Fanpage

Heechul’s farewell gift to fans

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I miss Ju Hwan

So cute!!

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임주환 응원 프로젝트


I guess the title says it all right?

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