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Song of the Day

Fanny Fink – Lucia



Beautiful Seoul Project


Beautiful Seoul Project – Seoul Time Lapse 2011 by Oh Choong Young.

Wow. Just wow.


I can recognize some of the places, buildings, neighborhoods and landmarks shown in the video and it makes me smile with pleasure. I just got back from Korea last summer and I am already planning my next trip back sometime next year. I love the buzzing people, the unique culture, the laid back countryside, its gorgeous islands, and the beautiful language. I want to see more of the country, visit temples, mingle and drink with the locals, trek a mountain or two. I’m glad I stumbled upon this incredible video. It gives me a glimpse of the place I most likely will name one of my favorite places on earth. Truly, after watching this video, I have to ask myself: “How could I be so fascinated by this country so much?”

I still don’t have the answer, but I’m more than willing to find out.



I miss Korea

I recently went to South Korea for THE. BEST. SUMMER. TRIP. EVER.


Day 01: Favorite KDrama


I stumbled upon this challenge through a friend who is very active on Tumblr. It actually was titled as 30 Day KDrama Challenge. But being my procrastinator self with commitment problems, I’m already admitting it now that I would not finish this in 30 Days. 😉  The challenge for me is to actually finish the whole thing! So now that we are all clear on that, let’s begin!