Day 14: Favorite Kiss


After more than a month of hiatus, I am back with Day 14 of the KDrama Challenge.

Song of the Day

Sixpence None the Richer – Kiss Me 


I’ve watched my fair share of KDrama kisses. Some are pathetic enough to be called a kiss (Full House, DGCH). Some are poignant (Coffee House and M3) while some are heart-pounding and swoon-worthy (City Hall, Iris). So which kiss captures me heart and makes me tingle all over even though I watch it over and over and over again?



Day 13: Favorite “I Love You”

Hands-down. This is THE “I Love You” to beat. Perfect in delivery, acting, dialogue, music score. Everything.

Hint: This song was the background score.

Song of the Day

Cuckoo Land – Coffee Is  


Day 07: Favorite Lines by a Male Lead Character

Kang Tae Bong has one of the best lines and dialogues EVER in a KDrama.


Day 06: Favorite Song from a Kdrama OST

I have a lot of Korean Drama OST in my collection. It’s almost certain that I would love the drama if I love the soundtrack and sometimes it is also vice versa. A perfect soundtrack completes the deal for me. It sometimes makes or break the decision making process for me if I would love a drama or movie.

Choosing my favorite song was easy. It is a song I chose because hearing the song always makes me think back to my favorite scenes of the drama. I love how the melody and song suits the scene perfectly that I can’t forget it. That particular song captured my heart while watching the scene.. Awwww ~ you bet I had hearts in my eyes.

My favorite song from a KDrama OST would be …